When is Mothers day?

Some countries,mostly in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Bloc,celebrate international women's day instead,on8march,often with a public holiday.

If you're in thr UK,Ireland,Nigeria or Bangladesh,it's fourth Sunday in Lent(in years when Easter day fall on 22 March)and,at the latest,on4april(when Easter day falls on April).

If you are in most of Arab world,it's21March

If you are in Spain,Portugal,Hungary,Lithuania or Mozambia,it's the first Sunday in May.

And if you are in China ,Australia,Italy,Philippines,Switzerland,India,The U.S. or Canada,Cuba,Greece,Malta,New Zealand,Sri Lanka,Pakistan or another 65 countries,it's the second Sunday of May(this year,2012,is on 13May).

Then again,if you are in France,Algeria,Morocco or Tunisia,Haiti,The  French Antilles,The Dominican Republic or even Sweden,it's the last Sunday of May.

And there are others…

Norway:second Sunday of February

Luxembourg:second Sunday of June

Argentina:third Sunday of November

Russia:last Sunday of November

Iran:20 Jumada al-thani in the Islamic calendar-the birthday of Hazrat Fatima Zahra(the prophet Muhammad's doughter from his first wife  Khadija)Since the Islamic calendar uses the lunar year,which is shorter than the solar year,the day will change each year in other calendars.

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