Top 20 Business Vocabulary


This ebook presents you with selected keywords in different areas of Business English (British and American).
The concept is simplicity:
• clear presentation
• uncomplicated definitions
• twenty key-words per subject area
Top Top 20 Business Vocabulary is not a bi-lingual dictionary - there are plenty of excellent
dictionaries that you can use for your own language if you need to translate a particular word. What
Top 20 Business Vocabulary does is help you identify some of the most important words for you to
Abbreviations used in this ebook are described here.
Pages are arranged simply, mainly in black and white, so that you can easily print out any page you
wish for personal study.
And do remember to revise regularly. When you learn new words, test yourself after...
• 5 minutes, and then
• 1 day, and then
• 1 week
You'll never forget them

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These Vacabs are so useful and interesting tnx alot .