10useful Idioms uses in daily conversations - part1

After all – despite everything;when everything has been considered;the fact is

Ex:You'd better invite Ed to your party.after all,he is a good friend

At least – anyway;the good thing is that

Ex:We have run out of coffee,but at least we still have tea

(to)Break the news – to make something known

Ex1:Samantha and Michael are getting married, but they haven't yet broken the news to their parents

Ex2:You 'd better break the news to your father carefully.after all,you don't want him to have a heart attack

(to)cost an arm and a leg – to be very expensive

Ex:A college education in America cost an arm and a leg

Dead-end job –a job that won't lead to anything else

                                                                        Ex: Diane realized that working as a cashier was a dead-end job

let's )face it – accept a difficult reality

Ex:Let's face it,if Ted append more time studying,he wouldn't be failing so many of his classes

Ex:You should face your problem Jack 

to)give one the creeps – to create a feeling of disgust or horror

Ex:Ted's friend Matt has seven earrings in each ear and an ''I love Mom"tattoo on his arm.he realy gives Nicole the creeps

to)go back to the drawing board – to start a task over because the last try failed;to start again from the beginning

Ex1:Frank's new business failed,so he had to go back to the drawing board

Ex2:The president didn't agree with our new ideas for the company ,so we had to go back to the drawing board

to)go belly-up – to go bankrupt

Ex1:Many people lost their jobs when Enron went belly-up

Ex2:My company lost 3$million last year.we might go belly-up

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