Man puts himself up for sale on eBay

According to Daily Mail, when Andy Martin was given 30 days' notice that he was being made redundant, the father-of-three decided to take such a drastic action

Having started a blog outlining his new job search efforts, the 45-year-old hit upon the idea of auctioning himself off

Martin, currently a traffic planner for a waste management company, said: "I have been unemployed in the past

"I knew I could either stay bitter and angry, which I was, about losing my job, or I could do something about it. It is a whole new world so I have had to quickly get up to speed," he said

He joined networks. He started using social networking and even bought hits for his blog to point out people to his C.V. "After all of that, I thought, 'why not, I'll put myself up for sale!'," said Martin

With a "buy now" price of 20,000 pounds the Internet site was quick to inform Martin, a former delivery manager, that he was breaching the rules by trying to sell himself

He,however, has been allowed to post the advertisement in the "goods wanted" section

With one interview next week and interest shown by an international confectionery company, Martin, of Stockton, Stockton-on-Tees hopes more and more people will view his CV for consideration

But while hoping that his efforts will pay off, Martin also feels his commitment to work will influence his 11-year-old son in building his future


By Indo Asian News Service | IANS

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