How to give a good presentation-part 2

There are at least eight myths about the world of presentations and we will discuss them one by one, beginning with “the slide myth

This myth the idea that a presentation is just about slides, when in fact you are the presentation, not your slides

You do not become the slides when you start doing your presentation

Remember thatthe goal of a presentation is not to put slides on PowerPoint, Keynote, or whichever program you use, the goal of a presentation is to make an impact on your audience based upon a series of variables which we will discuss shortly

The slides are not a support system. We know that slides are not necessary, they can be substituted with video; therefore, I do not have just some boring slides. I also have video and music

The slides can be simulated with note cards; I can have cards in my hands and I can display them when I want to

Slides can be replaced with objects; I can take a prop and physically show it to my audience

If I need to do a presentation on a box, I can: speak about the box, show a slide about the box, show a video about the box, have two artists make an artistic representation of the box, find a huge box and place it on the stage, have the audience link arms and form a box, and so on and so forth

You get the idea

The possibilities are endless--you can always use objects, media, etc that have absolutely nothing to do with slides


 Good Luck

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