Moron Jokes

Once two morons got fed up with the Indian Government and decided to blow up
the parliament. They took 2 bombs, put them in a suitcase in the front seat of their
car and set off. On the way one moron asks the other, "What will happen if the
bombs blast off now."
The other says, "Don't worry. I have a spare bomb in the back seat"

Two morons walked towards each other on a country road. One carried a bag over
his shoulder.
"What's in the bag?", said one moron
"Chickens", was the reply.
"If I guess their number correctly, how many can I have?"
"You can have both of them."
"OK," said the first moron, "Five."

Binny: "What happened to John, his nose was all swollen this morning?"
Pratik: "He tried to smell a brose."
Binny: "You mean a rose? There is no 'b' in a rose."
Binny: "There was a 'b' (bee) in this one."

There were 2 morons and each had a horse. They decided to put the horses in a
shed for one month while they went on vacation.
One guy asked the other guy "How they were going to tell which one belonged to
After many long hours of thinking they finally came up with a solution.
They would shave the mane of one. That one belonged to the 1st farmer. So, they
put the horses in the shed and left. When they came back the mane had grown
back. They asked each other which belonged to whom.
Then the 1st farmer said, "OK I will take the black one you take the white one."

Once two morons met at the Taj Mahal in Agra.
The first moron said, "I am thinking of buying Taj Mahal."
The second said "Stop thinking."
"Why?" asked the first.
The second replied, "Because I am not selling it!"

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