Perfect Points for giving a good presentation-part1

Let's talk about the myth of so-called spontaneity and what the X-Factor and Big Brother phenomenon have brought as a dowry to our society

The idea of spontaneity, the idea that you just need to be yourself and you'll be fine

I'm sorry but that's not the way it is

I'll give you an example: you go on TV to present a program, and someone tells you: Okay, you just need to be yourself
At this point the result will be very negative, because if you act natural without knowledge of what is not a natural medium, but an artificial medium, the result you'll get will be the exact opposite, as your spontaneity will paradoxically produce an artificial result

As opposed to what is commonly thought, in order to be spontaneous you have to develop techniques that are not spontaneous, but necessarily artificial
When you see Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and the great actors who manage to seem so spontaneous in their performance, they can do it precisely because they are so prepared and they have repeated that part, that expression and that tone so many times and with so much study on that type of acting, that they succeed in appearing spontaneous through the medium they have used

If you are yourself in a public presentation without studying and without preparation from many angles, the sure result will be that you appear to be a fool!l

When you go on stage, in front of the camera, or on the radio, you don't know what the game rules are in that world and of those media, and you don't have the chance to show off your spontaneity
Your spontaneity can only come afterwards

Here's another example using sport:  If a soccer player entered the field and the coach said: "Look, you have to be yourself" when this player had never trained, never been on the field, or ever spent 90 minutes on the field. You understand well what the result will be of him being himself: he will wander 90 minutes in a field, chasing a ball and being completely out of control with respect to that situation

To really create presentations with an impact it is necessary to be prepared, and it's not easy, because too often people think that giving a presentation is putting together 10 slides and repeating some concepts. Every kind of presentation requires an effort, a study and a preparation which are not immediate


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