twenty tips to be a happy person...............part3

Tip 16

Live   a   healthy   life.
Exercise   regularly.
Eat   well   and   keep   active.
Although   not   impossible,   it's
difficult  to  be  happy  if  you're  constantly  sick  and  not
very healthy.

Tip 17

Ensure    you    gain    adequate    sleep    and    rest.
Consistent with Tip 16, it's difficult to be happy if you're
constantly tired and struggling to find enough energy to
get  through  the  day.    To  assist  with  this,  regularly
practice relaxation and/or meditation strategies.

Tip 18

Manage your time and priorities.  Happy people tend
to  believe  they're  more  in  control  of  their  lives.    In
doing   so,   they're   more   likely   to   take   an   active
approach to solving problems.  If something's not quite
right in your life, do something.  And further, make sure
that  what  you're  doing  is  important.    Put  first  things

Tip 19

Control  what  you  can  control.    Accept  what  you
can't control.  And learn to be wise enough to know the

Tip 20

Live  in  the  present  moment.
The  author,  Henry
Miller  once  said  "Every  moment  is  a  golden  one  for
him who has the vision to recognise it as such."   The
only  moment  in  which  we  can  truly  be  happy  is  the
present  moment.    The  only  moment  over  which  we
have  control  is  the  present  moment.
now!  Because if not now, then when?
So  be  happy


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